Over the last seven years I have been training teens to adults to drive safely and confidently, so no matter what your age, ability or worries I am committed to helping you achieve your aim of learning to drive. I will guide you in a practical, patient and fun way, whilst understanding your individual needs, requirements and concerns.

Covering Leominster, Ludlow, Craven Arms, Tenbury Wells and the surrounding villages, you can start and finish your time in the car to suit you, from work, college, home or sporting schedules.

Monday through Saturday is devoted to learner lessons, while Sunday is reserved for Pass Plus, Motorway or Eco safe driving courses.

I believe passionately that to learn to drive safely for life you will need to gain experience of a broad band of road types, traffic and, of course, weather conditions. Whilst this may sound scary, please try not to worry, your lessons will be tailored specifically to your ability.

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • DSA grade 5 ADI. IAM. DIA

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  • Ludlow, Leominster, Tenbury Wells, Cleobury Mortimer & Craven Arms

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  City Ludlow
  Postcode SY8 4EZ
  Address 22, Orchard Rise, Richards Castle
  Phone Number 015 8483 1502
  Mobile 07706 982070

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Driving lessons - L Plate & Advanced Theory test support Mock tests Pass Plus Motorway tuition Assessment drives Eco/Safe driving Hazard perception Refresher and confidence building sessions.

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Absolutely fantastic driving instructor! Highly recommend!

Value for money
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  • I would recommend this business

Amazing female driving instructor! Definitely recommend to anyone in or around Ludlow!

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

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Excellent teacher, helped me to pass first time with just one minor. Highly recommend!

From Our Website

Eco-Safe Driving is a recognised and proven style of driving that contributes to road safety whilst reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The route taken will cover urban & out of town road & traffic conditions. The variety will highlight any weaknesses & provide opportunities to improve our planning & driving skills, resulting in lower fuel consumption.

It means not only driving with courtesy and consideration for everyone else but also being prepared to make allowances for their errors.' To achieve the above takes practice! Observation & awareness, anticipation & planning are crucial skills to achieve a defensive drive. The course will cover what & how to observe well ahead of you so that your drive becomes safer, smoother, more economical, less stressful for you & those around you.

With daybreak, dusk & night driving we are driving with reduced levels of sunlight, depth perception and peripheral vision. Therefore seriously reducing our reaction times. Of course this is usually the time when the driver is likely to be tired, which is only going to make reaction times longer. Because we do not have regular snow in the UK, we don't always get the practice to drive in it. Hence the accidents caused by driving inappropriately. Do not worry about driving too slowly, in this weather condition, this is far safer than driving too quickly.

They are unlike any other roads due to the increase of lanes & higher volumes of traffic. Motorways have their own signs & rules, which will be covered before you venture onto the motorway. This day course covers the following elements which will give you the knowledge & confidence to drive on motorways independently & with no test at the end!

At the beginning of your practical test the driving examiner will ask you one question from the following OPEN THE BONNET / TELL ME list whilst stationary and another question from the SHOW ME list, but this question will be done whilst you are driving the vehicle. Q: Tell me how you make sure that your head restraint is correctly adjusted so that it provides best protection in the event of a crash? A: Explain that you would adjust it so that the rigid part is at least as high as your eyes or tops of your ears & as close to the back of your head as comfortable.

The drive(s) would start with a basic eyesight test (reading a number plate from a 20m distance). The practical drive will cover a variety of roads, from 20mph through to 60mph taking in different road and junction layouts. All forward and reverse manoeuvres will be covered (we can also go over the emergency stop upon request).

The Theory consists of two parts, 50 multiple choice questions, and the Hazard Perception part, both of which you must pass to obtain your certificate. The highway code will be discussed whilst out on the road, and how it relates in a practical way, to the road. A good knowledge of the Highway Code is vital for Safe Driving for Life in the UK.

Your lessons will complete the following syllabus in a fun and structured way so that you see your car control and confidence build lesson by lesson, on all types of roads and in all traffic conditions. If we're unable to complete a subject practically, we will cover the theory of the subject in great detail. If you do not see the specific subject that you're looking for in the list below, please contact me for further information. To enable you to use the car controls smoothly and confidently to your benefit while driving the car.