I'm a driving instructor. I teach people how to drive manual geared cars. Sure, I'm good at it. Pop over to my website and read my recommendations. No, I'm not cheap. I'm not expensive either, I guess I'm competitively priced. Do you want a cheap driving instructor? Are you really going to go just on price? I'll bet you end up paying more because it takes you longer to learn.

OK, listen, here's what I'll do. Drop me a email or text, I'll call you back because unfortunately we do need a bit of a chat to find out how old you are, if you've got a provisional license and all that stuff, and then, if you book just one lesson with me I'll let you have the first hour absolutely free. That way, if you don't enjoy it, learn stuff and absolutely think I'm not the right instructor for you, then all you've spent is one hour's tuition time. I can't put a figure on that here because, well, I'll just plain forget to update it if I ever put my prices up, sorry. You're just going to have to get in touch.

Serviced Areas

  • Norwich & Norfolk

Payment Options

  • Cash, Cheque, PayPal

Contact Details

  City Norwich
  Postcode NR10 3ES
  Address 7, Mill Lane
  Phone Number 078 2103 8411