Marco Polo Oxford Is More Than A Driving School. If you're ready to gain your independence and get out on the road, you need more than just a driving school. To excel at this task, you need a knowledgeable instructor that teaches in a supportive environment. We are a dynamic brand, pushing the barriers of driving instruction. All of our clients are issued with a driver record and guided through a complete course of structured tuition.

We find this encourages good habits in both learner and instructor and avoids a haphazard or random approach. Whether a first time learner or someone taking refresher lessons, referral to the DSA syllabus is the surest and quickest way to achieve competent and proficient driving attitudes and skills. Our mission and goal is to direct the vast collective experience of our instructors at achieving success for the most cost-effective rates. Whatever your standard, whatever your finances you have found a home at Marco Polo Oxford!!

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Marco was an amazing driving instructor. He gave me great confidence in driving with his patient and relaxed approch. 
He was really encouraging and made the lessons feel fun. He has not only taught me but also my other half! Would recomend 100%.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Marco is one of the most patient and motivating people I have ever met!

I couldn't have passed my test without him. I was a nervous driver and very picky in my choice of instructor!

Marco's is incredibly encouraging, calm and obviously a dedicated teacher.

He is passionate about making sure his students are safe and confident drivers and not just 'getting you through' your driving test.

I would recommend Marco to anyone and especially to the more nervous drivers out there.

I have tried to pass the driving test for the past one and half year before Marco took me over, he is an amazing instructor immediately pointed out my bad habits and weaknesses, only 2 and half months later, on 1st Nov, I passed my driving test with only two minor errors, unbelievable!!! Best driving instructor ever, huge fun and most importantly, he will let you enjoying the driving along with being confident and safe!

Customer Testimonials

Marco is an exceptional instructor! His patient and calm manner meant I could relax and focus on learning to drive. The encouragement and feedback after each lesson built my determination to pass.

On the day of my test, I went in feeling prepared, confident and at ease which resulted in me passing first time with only one minor. Marco’s teaching experience also gave me the skills to become a driver beyond taking the test.

I would absolutely recommend Marco to anyone for his professional and friendly approach to teaching - I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with him!

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From Our Website

The driving test will include an eyesight check that requires you to read a number plate that is a certain distance away. After the eyesight test you will be asked two vehicle safety check questions (known as Show Me, Tell Me). These are basic safety checks that you should carry out to ensure the your car is safe drive. Some checks may involve you opening the bonnet to identify where fluid levels would be checked. You will not be asked to touch a hot engine or physically check fluid levels. You will then be examined on your general driving, independent driving about 5 to 10min and on one reversing exercises which could be either reversing around a corner, turning in the road bay parking or reverse parking none as parallel parking.

Before you can get behind the wheel you'll need a provisional driving license. You will need a D1 form from your local post office in order to apply. The average waiting time is approx. 3 weeks. 2: Driving Theory Test. Book this as soon as you get your provisional license. In order to book your practical test you need to pass the theory first, so the quicker you book it the quicker you can move on. Pass this test and you're on your way. 3: Book your Assessment Lesson Now. After your assessment you'll know which course to go for, so book it up and lets get started!

Pass Plus is a practical driving course and take 6 hours in total. Usually we'll arrange your Pass Plus course over 2 days with 3 hours per day. Your instructor will complete a Training Report Form which you'll sign and date when you reach the required level in each module. In order to pass the course, you'll need to reach a satisfactory standard in all the modules. You will be given a Progress Record to enable you to keep a record of your progress throughout the course. Once you've completed the course your instructor will send your completed Training Report Form to DSA who will then issue a Pass Plus Certificate of Completion to show that you've successfully completed the course.

At Marco Polo Oxford Driving school we specialise in intensive driving courses and Crash Courses in Oxford. In our opinion, intensive driving courses are by far the best way to learn to drive. Professional drivers such as the police, bus drivers and even the driving examiner that will take you on your test, learned to drive this way. It has been proven by the UK department of transport that an average pupil takes around 14 months to be ready for their test when having 1-2 hours tuition per week.

Hundreds of new pupils have already been helped to pass there test by our qualified instructors. We teach our pupils everything they need to know in order to be able to pass their test in the quickest possible time and on their first try. We also offer Intensive Driving Courses that allow you to speed up your learning and decrease the cost of learning to drive. It has been known for many pupils to pass first time after only 7 days. You could do the same by booking your Assessment Lesson Now.

Do not be surprised if we book your driving test straight away. Assuming you have passed your theory test, we can book in you test and the lessons needed, so within a few weeks you will have a full driving licence. The thing is you can already drive can't you? You have already taken lessons with another driving school or perhaps been driving with friends and family so what you need right now is a little direction and support to get you to test standard. Your journey to passing your driving test is really simple.

Driving is a wonderful thing to be able to do but if you are hampered by anxiety then you are always going to have a fear of driving which will slow you down and be obstructive to the rest of your life. You will have a valid reason to have driving anxiety, you are not the first person to feel the way you do and you will not be the last, in fact feeling the way you do is very common. Anxiety can manifest itself in different ways from feeling butterflies in your stomach, sweaty palmed, all the way through to a full blown panic attack.

You have failed your driving test with your last driving school and you no longer believe your driving instructor has got what it takes to help you get your driving licence in Oxford. In fact you may have lost total motivation and have started to think that learning to drive is a chore and certainly it has lost its fun. What you need is a special driving test rescue course which gives you the preparation and skills to pass your driving test? Failing your driving test is no accident, it was because you were not 100% ready and because you were not ready and you had never proved to yourself you were ready you never had the confidence needed to pass.