El Driving School provides learners with a prospect of learning with experienced DVSA approved instructor who are there to help in every direction of driving from the basics of driving to building up your road confidence to perfection. Our instructor will help you to learn in the most comfortable and friendly environment within your chosen period of time. Our courses are designed in a way that they enhance your driving skills gradually without you even knowing, we simply want to make you a safe and good driver for life!

The first factor to take into consideration is the experience of your driving instructor. They should have enough experience as a driver before you can consider them.

Secondly, your instructor should have passed all the qualifying exams and have the necessary certification and licence to operate as a driving instructor.

Thirdly, it is not enough to just have the required certification. Your instructor should also have enough experience as a driving instructor besides being an experienced driver.

The next important factor should be easily approachable and friendly. Your instructor should be capable of imparting all the necessary skills and theoretical knowledge to their students. They should give priority to their student’s safety and above all, their driving lessons in East London should not be too expensive so that you can afford them.

If you are wondering whether you will be able to find a reliable instructor with all the above qualities, then you do not have to go too far. EL driving instructor are highly rated. They possesses each of the above qualities that you are looking for and more. You will certainly not regret choosing EL Driving School You should never take your lessons lightly as driving is one of the most essential life-skills. There are many people who even make their living through driving.

If you want to attain a high level of expertise in driving, you should have a good foundation and for that, you need to have a good driving instructor.

Our instructors are very friendly and polite who offer great instruction skills. With their driving lessons, you will never have to worry about your driving test and the theory exam. You will be prepared well for both. We use a well maintained vehicles as our top priority is your safety, they have flexible timings to suit your specific needs and availability. Whether it is regular driving lessons or crash course, you will get complete instructions that is required to make you an excellent driver and to help you pass the driving test and the theory exam.

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  Phone Number 01615244796

Products & Services

Intensive Driving Lessons

Want to pass your practical driving test within the next few weeks/months?

Intensive driving instructions will offer you the opportunity to pass your driving test quickly. This can be offered in the courses over 1-13 weeks if necessary.

Manual Driving Lessons

Are you looking for manual driving lessons in Tower Hamlets and Newham with a driving school you can trust to get you results fast? Your search ends here. Manual driving lessons are the most popular lessons for learner drivers. In a manual car you will learn how to drive using a clutch pedal and gear stick and once you have passed your test you will be qualified to drive an automatic vehicle too.

At EL Driving School all of our manual driving instructor have a vast amount of experience teaching students how to drive safely. We deliver comprehensive driving education through skilled training so that you can become a confident and competent driver.

Pass Plus

If you have already gained your driving licence and would like to become more skilled and confident while on the open road then it’s worth taking your Pass Plus.

Extend your driving skills beyond the average driver by completing a pass plus course designed by the DVLA. Because new drivers are at more risk to crashing their car. Pass Plus Training will provide you with the extra tuition you need to reduce the risks of an accident in a situation that you may not have covered during your lessons.

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