Putting You First

Do you want to learn how to drive in Belfast, Newtownabbey or East Antrim areas, without the risk of it being too costly?

Trying to find a good driving instructor to teach you to drive is not easy, but a good starting point is to find someone you feel relaxed with.

Here at Dave's we drive modern family size cars so that should you drive the family vehicle after passing your test, you will not feel intimidated by it`s size and power!
Our vehicles have power assisted steering for your convenience and ease of manoeuvring.
Anti lock braking system (ABS) for control and assistance whilst slowing/stopping.
Diesel engine to help you when moving off, (less chance of stalling).
Dual controls so that if necessary I can help you.
Air conditioning for your comfort.
1.9cc engine for ease of maintaining progress up to road and traffic conditions.

Dave's guarantees.....

 A fun, friendly and supportive learning environment

 100% of surveyed clients would recommend Dave's to friends and family
 DSA approved
 Fully Qualified
 Fully Insured

 'Open Car' policy - invite your friends or family to sit in on your lesson at anytime for you to show your driving skills!!
 Tuition for all needs and ages - from under 17 to advanced driver training
 Option to learn on your own or with a friend
 Mock tests conducted by another ADI to promote real test conditions - this is unique to Dave's
 Additional support with studying for Theory Test (if required)
 Clean smoke-free tuition car

Plus all this!

 FREE cash for recommending friends/family to Dave's

 FREE course handouts and quizzes that build into a comprehensive guide to help with your learning progress. l
 FREE access to Theory training website and support with preparing for the test

 FREE driving assessment 3 months after passing your practical test

So why wait?

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • A1 Assessor for B/tec 2 (demonstrate safe driving) and HSE Assessments

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Driving Instructors Association,

Serviced Areas

  • Belfast, Newtownabbey Greenisland, Carrickfergus, Whitehead, Larne,Ballyclare, Templepatrick, Antrim

Payment Options

  • Cash / cheque

Contact Details

  City Newtownabbey
  Postcode BT37 0LW
  Address 11, Monkstown Gardens
  Phone Number 077 8873 3574

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From Our Website

All our courses can be taken at a time to suit you, either a 1-hour lesson a week or something more intense, it is up to you. Ask Dave your personal instructor for advice on what is the best for you. Take regular lessons, at least one per week. Varying the time of day you take them will also help you gain more experience. 2. Taking your driving lessons in two hour sessions (this is so much more beneficial than taking single hours). 3. Ask your driving instructor lots of questions (they love helping you to answer them).

Choosing a driving school is probably the most important decision that you will have to make and can be a daunting prospect. A check on Google shows over 60 driving schools in the NEWTOWNABBEY area alone so how do you go about identifying the one to suit your needs? By far the best method is a recommendation from a friend or relative who can give first-hand experience. Recommendations supply us with approx 75% of our work, this is something that we are very proud of. We like to think that all our students are happy with the service and tuition that they receive and without their referrals we simply could not survive.

Dave offers you his personal guarantee that you will enjoy your training with us. I simply want you to enjoy your learning experience and drive safely for life. When you enjoy something, you will do it better. The way traffic patterns are growing it is important that you receive the best possible training!

Passing your driving test doesn't have to take forever. Many people take 1 year or more to pass their driving test, but I can help you pass your test sooner!? Here's How. What you want to do is pass your driving test. Notice I didn't say "take driving lessons" - big difference!? You see I will help you to get your driving licence, ?I want to see your driving success.? It all starts off with an assessment lesson, ? to see how quickly you learn, and also to make sure you? have the skills to pass your theory test if you haven't done already.