We started this family-run Driving School 4 years ago with 1 Mini and the 3 simple principles outlined above. By word-of-mouth (and by being very good at what we do!), we've now grown to well over 30 Minis. We promise to get the maximum progress for you out of each and every lesson. We promise to get you to Test Standard in as few lessons as possible.

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  City Bedford
  Postcode MK41 6FG
  Address 3 Hunters Cl Clapham
  Phone Number 0870-200-3131

From Our Website

Everything you need to know about the theory, hazard perception and practical driving tests. You can start you driving lessons before you pass the theory & hazard perception test. However, you must have passed it before the DVSA will let you apply for your practical test. If you're not with ClickDrive, make sure your Instructor isn't wasting your valuable lesson time by parking-up and going through "Theory Test Training". This is a common way of padding-out lessons and is totally unnecessary. For 9.99 (or less) you can buy the #1 selling set of CD Roms called "Driving Test Success (Theory Edition)", published by a company called Focus.

Statistics show that new drivers are more likely to have an accident in the first two years of passing their test than at any other time in their driving career. When you successfully complete PASS PLUS you will usually qualify for a substantial discount on your motor insurance policy. The saving could more than cover the cost of training! The course lasts 6 hours (usually 2 X 3 hour sessions) and covers the Pass Plus Modules listed below. It is your Instructor's job to ensure that you reach the required standard.

The main reason I chose ClickDrive was because of their impressive pass rate. My driving instructor was great. His teaching methods were very good, and I can remember these for when I start driving my own car. This offer is ONLY available to BEGINNERS with NO previous driving experience in MANUAL cars only, NOT AUTOMATICS. To all others, the standard hourly rate will apply (30 per hour for Manual Lessons, 33 for Automatic Lessons). We are very good at what we do, and pupils very rarely leave us after these first four hours.

MANUAL BEGINNERS OFFER - 75 for 4 hours, then 30 per hour (in MANUAL cars only, NOT AUTOMATICS) - TRY US & SEE! Automatic lessons are ONLY AVAILABLE IN BEDFORD and do NOT qualify for our Beginners Offer. Automatic lessons are 33 per hour. We want you to try the ClickDrive difference:- that's why we're offering such a competitive offer to get you on-board. Remember, our goal is to get you to Test Standard in the MINIMUM possible number of lessons. After you've had the 4-Hour Offer, you can have 1-hour lessons if you wish, but please be aware that a "standard" lesson with ClickDrive is 2-hours long (currently 60).