Driving Lessons Brighton and Hove. First lesson free. Block bookings discount. Most students pass first time. Highly qualified instructor will save you money. Driving schools are not all the same, as anyone who has changed driving schools whilst learning to drive will know how different instructors can be.

The biggest mistake that most pupils make is choosing the cheapest driving school. If you were choosing a college or school to be taught anything else you would look for the BEST and then take the price into consideration after you had looked at a few options and decided what you could afford. If you pay bottom dollar for anything, how good do you expect it to be?

When I stared Black & White Driving School in 2006 I was intent of giving the highest quality tuition. People who came to me having been taught by various schools came with gaping holes in their knowledge, poor technique and stories almost beyond belief.

Most pupils are nervous when they first start. They are going to be sitting close to and be taught by a total stranger. This means they have to feel comfortable and be made to relax in order that they enjoy as well as learn whilst under the instructors guidance.
The pupil and or the parent wants to be able to trust the instructor, get value for money and feel confident for and after passing their test.

What you should do before start is:-
Firstly, do not book a whole block of lessons.
Have a trial lesson to see if you are going to get the tuition you need.

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • Rospa Gold Award

Serviced Areas

  • Brighton and Hove

Contact Details

  City Hove
  Postcode BN3 3AY
  Address 12 Palm Court Rochester Gardens
  Phone Number 012 7371 0426
  Mobile 07989987481

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Steve is a great guy, he is a very calming influence never gets angry and makes it a pleasure to learn to drive I passed in 6 months I highly recommend him.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

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  • Patient, kind, thorough
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When I started learning to drive with Steve I was glad he was someone I can talk to as we were born in the same century. I was terrified but Steve was always so encouraging and kept my spirits up with words of encouragement and praise but also good with criticism when appropriate. There were plenty tears when I couldn't do a manoeuvre and he always had a pack of tissues handy.. Gave me a lot of tips and from getting terrified when I knew he was parked outside to actually ready and waiting for him and ready to drive..yes I started enjoying myself . Passed my test today after a few attempts and without him (and Vivienne) I couldn't have done it!

Thank you Steve and I can't recommend you enough..

Value for moneyWorth every penny
Service & supportThe best
QualityThe best
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

I first heard about Steve through some family friends whilst I was looking for a driving instructor in Brighton back in 2016. They couldn’t recommend him enough and as I had heard mixed reviews about other driving schools, Steve sounded like a sensible person to start my lessons with.

Steve has always been very calm, patient and supportive of me. I temporarily moved out of the UK half way through my driving lesson journey, and when I came back I knew I would go straight back to Steve to start my lessons again. I found I lacked a lot of confidence when I started driving again but Steve couldn’t of handled the situation better and always tried to make me feel comfortable and safe throughout my lessons.

Steve was always thinking of new ways we could overcome areas of the lessons that I found challenging, which shows that he really invests in his pupils and genuinely wants you to become a confident and knowledgeable driver. I passed first time with Steve and whenever anybody asks me about driving instructors I will always recommend him!

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

I can honestly say Steve is the best driving instructor I have ever had the pleasure to learn from.
His patience, relaxed personality and established expertise made for an easy and fun learning experience.
I felt more like I was meeting an old friend for a catch up rather than an anxiety filled driving lesson which is how I felt before learning with Steve.

When I first started learning I didn't think I would ever be able to drive and didn't understand how to get to a level where I would feel like I could drive by myself, Steve's confidence and trust in my ability completely changed that.

I cannot thank Steve enough for not only teaching me how to drive with confidence, but how to believe and trust in myself. I will genuinely miss our lessons and will never not hear your comments in the back of my head when driving around.

If you come across this page looking for a driving instructor, you'd needn't look further, it will be best thing you do today.

Steve is a brilliant instructor! made me feel very comfortable and is very encouraging. I passed first time! He is super nice and easy to get along with and teaches you everything very thoroughly. Highly recommend!

Steve has been teaching me to drive since the beginning of March, up until yesterday that is, when I passed my test!!! As I'm a little older than a 17 year old first timer, I wanted someone I could build up a rapor with. Steve fits the bill perfectly! He is incredibly patient and easy to get on with. Steve uses a variety of media to explain things, which really helped my understanding. I have changed from someone who just wanted to get their license, into a person who enjoys driving, all because of Steve!! Thank you for getting me a license Steve!! I cannot recommend Black and White Driving School highly enough!!!!

Steve has been my driving instructor for a couple of years. Being an older slower learner meant I needed a patient teacher and Steve was definitely that. He was always encouraging, patient, very knowledgeable and never left out the psychological aspect of driving and learning to drive. I couldn't have had a better teacher and I'll miss his words of wisdom and interesting chats. Thanks very much Steve! I definitely couldn't have done it without you!

Steve is an absolutely excellent driving instructor. I had a 100% positive experience and would highly recommend him to anyone, including to older learners like myself. He teaches not only the technical but also the psychological side of driving. For me, this was extremely valuable, and indeed crucial to passing my test. My main challenges were overcoming fears of making mistakes, building confidence and managing nerves. Steve really helped me to shut down what he called the “board meetings” in my head and helped me focus on finding and maintaining a calm and confident head space, where my nerves wouldn’t get in the way of my driving skills. In all this, Steve is incredibly patient and kind, but also no-nonsense and straightforward. He ensures you’re making clear progress, pushing and challenging you gently but steadily.

I would highly recommend Steve as a driving instructor as he is so patient and thorough in his approach. Not only does he teach you how to drive, but he incorporates mental tactics which help massively with keeping your focus and reducing your stress levels. He genuinely cares about you and your driving and always gives you things to work on so that you come back a stronger driver than the previous week. Great guy, and a must have for any learner.

I finally passed! Thank you so much Steve! Steve is a fantastic teacher who really coaches you to success. He has great communication skills and understands the psychological issues that might have been holding you back. Steve uses powerful teaching techniques which after having experienced other instructors realised were unique to Steve and very valuable. I would highly recommended him as a driving instructor, whether you are learning from scratch or had previous failed tests he will get you there! he is a friendly, kind and supportive man and his mock tests are especially helpful ! Thanks for all your help Steve

I would highly recommend Steve at Black and White Driving School to anyone wishing to learn to drive. Not only is he a brilliant instructor, with great teaching skills and techniques, but also a genuinely lovely guy who is easy to talk to and get along with. Steve was very patient and always made me feel at ease during my lessons. At first, I was quite a nervous driver, but by the end I was thoroughly enjoying driving and was looking forward to my lessons!... and I PASSED FIRST TIME! Which speaks volumes itself!

Thanks again Steve

Couldn’t have done it without you!

I would highly recommend Steve to anyone learning to drive, especially if you're nervous about getting started. I was terrified to learn but Steve is such a brilliant instructor and makes everything so easy to understand that I was completely at easy. I don't think I would be as confident behind the wheel without him and I passed first time!

I passed my driving test first time, with 5 minors, after just 4 months learning with Steve. This a guy who really understands how to teach. Every lesson is pitched to be slightly more difficult than the last so that they feel challenging, but also rewarding as you never feel out of your depth. Steve knows the importance of perfect practice and precision. He instills in you the best possible driving techniques and with his excellent guidance he ensures you keep them up, until they become second nature. I have left his tutelage confident that I am a good and safe driver.
All that aside Steve is just a really genuinely nice and patient person. He is always happy to go back over any of the topics you've covered and answer any questions you might have. I can't thank Steve enough for his help and could not recommend him more highly.

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For driving lessons in Brighton and Hove why choose Black and White Driving School? We have highly qualified instructors who are trained to the highest standards. We provide lessons for all levels of driving; from the nervous beginner to the fully qualified driver wanting further training. Our instructors cater for all ages and abilities. We are a local professional business situated in Brighton and Hove who relies entirely on our reputation. Our instructors have been trained to the highest standards in the land (RoSPA Gold Award).