If you want car driving lessons in the Bracknell or Ascot area, wish to take the towing test (B+E), add the minibus entitlement (D1) to your license or take the Pass Plus, we have the experience to help you. We now offer intensive courses. Typically you would need 36 hours tuition to pass the test as a complete beginner but any experience you may have such as a little off-road driving or cycling can reduce this considerably.

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  • Slough, Bracknell & Maidenhead

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  City Bracknell
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  Address 63 Wheatley
  Phone Number 013 4430 3132

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We provide quick and effective training for drivers wishing to pass the car plus trailer test. We do not operate courses per se since many of our Clients have considerable driving experience. If we were to expect our Clients to commit to an inflexible course of training without even assessing their driving, then we could be committing them to more training than would be necessary for them to achieve a reasonable chance of passing the trailer test. We encourage our Clients to adopt a simple and efficient style of driving which minimises pollution, reduces vehicle running costs and, of course reduces the chance of accidents.

If you passed your test in 1997 or later or you have settled in this country from a non-European Community country, you will not have the D1 group on your licence. Check this out by looking at the bottom of your plastic driving licence. You will need this group if you want to drive a minibus. This walk-through will allow you to pass the minibus tests with the minimum of fuss. This article concludes with the practical driving test. This is a small bus with 10 to 17 seats (including the driver). If you need to pass the minibus test you must firstly get a provisional vocational driving licence.

I am registered as an instructor with local authorities but Clients take training with me because of my reputation. The taxi test lasts about 40 minutes. You do not have to display 'L' plates but an extra rear view mirror should be provided for the examiner. You will need to demonstrate the use of wheelchair ramp and clamps but if your vehicle is not equipped for this, you can be assessed on this separately. If you have not taken the theory test you must be prepared to answer questions on the driving test and other motoring matters.